Our Contribution

The Adoption Museum Project offers a new way for the public to explore the whole story of adoption: through museum experiences.

In museum space, we can engage in a unique and powerful kind of inquiry. We can see both the big picture and the personal stories and how it’s all connected. We can use all forms of expression — from words, images, sound and movement to objects and data — and the physical environments that hold them. This kind of critical, creative, and collective inquiry can help us open to new ideas, feelings and actions. It can help us to feel seen and valued. Ultimately, this kind of inquiry can help move us towards ensuring justice and dignity for all people involved in adoption. Jane Jeong Trenka writes in The Language of Blood about “the subversive act of noticing things”. Changing adoption, so that it values all people involved, begins with noticing. When it helps and when it harms. The whole story.