Pressing Pause: A Brief Guide

Adoption Museum Project is on pause November 1, 2018-April 30, 2019

We will return on May 1, 2019.

What does ‘pressing pause’ mean?

The whole organization is taking a six-month rest. In May 2019, we will return to our work. During the pause, we will take the idea of rest seriously. We will not be planning, creating projects, writing newsletters, posting on Facebook or doing other forms of work.

What is this NOT?

This pause is not the end of the Adoption Museum Project. We are setting down the work temporarily. We will pick it back up in May 2019. With new energy and ideas, we can imagine the next phase of our work. We are pausing so that we may continue.

Why are you pausing now?

We are pausing for two reasons. For six years, we have been building a new organization and making work that has never existed before — and swimming every day in the complexity and emotionality of adoption. Doing this with integrity and care takes enormous energy. We need to rest. We also need to pause and answer some foundational questions about how to best move our work forward. It’s a healthy step in our young organization’s life cycle. So, this pause is a decision to live our values: prioritize people over production, long-term sustainability over short-term wins and thoughtfulness over busyness.

What happens when Adoption Museum Project returns in May 2019?

First, the Adoption Museum Project team will take time to reconnect with each other. We’ll reflect on what the six-month pause was like, and share what we are bringing back to the organization: our insights, questions, and ideas. This is an important kind of learning, so we want to make time for it.

Then, we will start discussing the best way for the Adoption Museum Project to move forward in service of its vision. We’ll be answering questions like: What kind of leadership is needed? How can more people get involved? What does it mean to be a social justice organization? What is our next project? As we dream and do, we will keep our supporters informed via our newsletter and share opportunities to participate in the process.

Will I be notified when you return from the pause?

Sometime in May 2019, we’ll send a newsletter saying “We’re back!” We’ll also post a message on our Facebook page. Please make sure that you are subscribed to our newsletter and/or following us on Facebook, so you can receive that notification.

What can I do to support the Adoption Museum Project during the pause?

  • Donate money.

The more resources we have when we return, the more effectively we can resume our work. Our commitment to pausing means that we will not be fundraising, so your donation will be particularly significant. Your donation at this time is important for another reason: it tells us that you stand in solidarity with in our life-affirming approach to adoption and social justice work.

You can donate at any time. We have put systems in place to fully process donations during our pause. If you have any questions, you can contact Zoë Klein, Communications Manager:

Here’s what one donor said about their motivation to contribute just before our pause:

“Sometimes it is helpful and necessary to take a break from the intensity of the work.  The time to reflect, recharge, and reset is not something we often allow ourselves to do.  It is actually difficult to give ourselves permission to step away. But, we must care about the people who do this work and allow them to care for themselves.  So, to support, appreciate, and show confidence in this organization, I am making this gift of $1,000.” — Adoptee

  • Post on Instagram.

It’s difficult to set down the work we love, and trust that our supporters will be around when we return. Show your support of our decision to pause by taking a photo of an empty bowl and sending it to We will post it on Instagram (@adoptionmuseumproject).

Why an empty bowl? Read below.

Can I communicate with Adoption Museum Project during the pause?

When we resume our work in May 2019, we will begin responding to emails. If you need to talk with someone during this time about a more urgent matter, please contact Zoë Klein, Communications Manager: Zoë will be checking email infrequently, so a response may be delayed.

What is the meaning of the bowl imagery?

The empty bowl is an image that reminds us of our intention for this pause. It holds what we think of as liminal space — a space between our past and future. A place for breathing and resting, and imagining possibilities. Although it’s open space, it’s also held in a clearly defined structure. Read more in the opening note of our last newsletter.