About the Adoption Museum Project



Use the power of museums to help transform adoption.


Justice, inclusion, empathy, courage, honesty and reflection. Learn more.

Our Work

Our work will take place in many different spaces. For now, our work takes place in partner museums and other cultural and community venues. Someday, we aim to have our own physical building: the first museum about adoption. And we will engage people online.

The Organization

The Adoption Museum Project is an emerging organization based in Berkeley, CA. It was founded in January, 2013. The Founder/Director, a Leadership Team, and many informal advisors guide the organization’s work. Volunteers help  to make the work happen.

Intersection for the ArtsWe are fiscally sponsored by Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco’s oldest alternative arts space. Through Intersection for the Arts we can accept tax-deductible contributions.


ICSC_logo_MEMBER_BANNER_WEBWe are part of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience, a global network of organizations that are connecting past struggles with today’s movements for human rights and social justice.