We believe that adopted people, first/birth parents and adoptive parents deserve dignity, civil and human rights, and agency over their identity, family connections and reproductive life. Protections must be provided so that groups with more power do not benefit at the expense of those with less power.


We make space for the wide range of experiences, emotions and perspectives that exist in adoption while amplifying those that have been historically silenced or marginalized.


We strive to imagine each other’s lived experiences, both hidden and revealed, with generosity and kindness and relate to each other from that place.


We affirm the courage it takes to challenge power and the status quo, change habits of heart and mind, and acknowledge or even surrender the privilege we may have so that everyone can thrive.


We support transparency in adoption practice, and we are committed to honesty in facing and sharing our motivations, intentions and personal truths.


We encourage a deliberate process of pausing to reflect before responding, especially when facing disagreement, discomfort or fear.