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The Adoption Museum Project is on pause 11/1/18-4/30/19.

When we resume our work in May 2019, we will begin responding to emails.  If you need to talk with someone during this time about a more urgent matter, please contact:  Zoë Klein, Communications Manager:  Zoë will be checking email infrequently, so a response may be delayed.

What does “on pause” mean?

After six years of hard work and many accomplishments, our whole organization is resting for six months. Seriously resting. We are not planning, creating projects, writing newsletters, posting on Facebook or doing other forms of work. We will return on 5/1/19, ready to begin our next phase! This is a decision to live our values. To prioritize people over production, long-term sustainability over short-term wins and thoughtfulness over busyness. Click here to learn more.